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              City in Morocco with 70,000 inhabitants. Essaouira is situated on the Atlantic coast, in the middle of Morocco. The economical base of the city is tourism,fishing and handcrafts,. Essaouira is one of North Africa's most beautiful cities and offers a mixture of Portuguese, French, and Berber architecture.

                    H I S T O R Y              

End 15th century:                                                 

              The Portuguese found the city of Mogador, a military and commercial bridgehead for the western coast of Africa.
The Portuguese lose Mogador to local tribesmen  The city goes into decline.
(king) Sidi Muhammad ibn Abdallah gets the French architect Theodore Cornut to draw up a city fitted for foreign traders as well as military purposes. The name Essaouira is introduced.
19th century: Essaouira is the only port on the coast open to Europeans, and free of duties.
1912: With the French protectorate, Mogador as name, is reintroduced. The city's importance declines as much activity is moved to
1956: Independence, the Moroccan name Essaouira is used again. The Jewish community leaves and the economy is reduced to fishing and market activities.



Moroccan ladies in traditional costumes (veils) perpetuating old traditions . They are walking through the street of Khaddara , vegetable market. 


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The Skala, setting of Orson Welles  OTHELLO

The Skala is a site that takes you back into the eighteenth century when the city was used to attacks by pirate vessels. It was a forteress to ensure the city's défense.Orson Welles found in it the perfect setting for his masterpiece, Othello.