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Rainbow Winter






Essaouira Souk'jdidEssaouira is a place where the climate gives you the impression of being a thousand miles north. The rainy season looks like spring, with clear skies and sunshine along the week. It rarely keeps raining non-stop longer than one hour or so, after which the sky quickly clears up, opening the way for the warm sunrays that heat the air creating an atmosphere closer to  fantasy than to reality. The reflection of light on the wet asphalt and the pavement tiles in the streets added to the white colour of the walls of the Medina fills you with joy and ecstasy.  Rainbows are a distinguishing feature of winter in Essaouira, a city known for its mild climate. The average temperature is 22c in summer and 17c in winter. This is due to Its position under the influence of the cold Canaries sea current which also causes winds especially in spring and summer.





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Essaouira Wind







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