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Visit Essaouira




Essaouira,the seagull heaven.


Essaouira, ex Mogador, is a spot where visitors have a choice of varied scenery to admire. Monuments from the eighteenth  century stand out to remind you of the attempts of invasion by pirates that Essaouira , the forteress, was so strong to protect itself from.


SkalaThe harbour of Essaouira. A place for small fishing boats and sardine big boats

that are getting ready for a trip out to sea .
The harbour was the first thing to give the town a reason for existing. It was intended to receive goods from different locations and to export agricultural products to different destinations. oil, almonds, Karroub, pottery and other locally produced items.Now, it's mostly a fishing harbour. It's also a historical place with stone monuments around it and bronze cnnons standing for its defence day and night.


The Harbour of Essaouira
Essaouira's harbour
Small boats resting until weather conditions get better.

The skala of the port window
View of the town through the skala window
Essaouira through the skala window
Essaouira seen from the skala of the port


This circular window used to allow soldiers on their mission of watching the coast ready to open their cannon fire on invading ships , to look back on the town to make sure , the population is well protected.





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