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Gnaoua Music




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Gnaoua music and the call for spirits

Within the Gnaoua tradition music is used as therapy to cure diseases caused by the intervention of bad spirits. Many people believe that for the purpose the family of the sick person have to organize a “lila” (night ceremony) following the advice of someone who had gone through the same experience and who had been cured of their similar disease.During the “lila” Gnaoua music is played with respect to a very precise ritual in an atmosphere of meditation rather than one of amusement. It’s an opportunity to invite the” mlouk”  (spirits) who are attracted by the music and the singing. Every piece corresponds and suits one specific “Malk” (spirit) and that very spirit responds to his or her best piece and takes part into the ceremony by getting into the body of the dancer with the right coloured veil driving him into   a violent uncontrolled dance (Jadba) then into a kind of trance in which human and supernatural beings make one. In the lyrics of the songs of Gnaoua the characters of Lalla Aďcha, Lalla Mira, And lalla Mimouna are often present as female spirits. Male characters are mainly Sidi Mimoun and  Baba soudani. Names of saints are also evoked in gnaoua songs. 



Mahmoud Guinea 



Video From Gnaoua Festival







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