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Hello,and welcome to Mogadorian, From Essaouira, Morrocco.

On this personal and yet collective site you will learn much about my beloved city ,Essaouira. A unique spot in the world. though very humble, God has gifted it and its people with beautiful  and romantic scenery as well as very moderate climate ...

 I have chosen to consecrate this site to making my beloved hometown, Essaouira, known to people from all over the world.I intend to do so by publishing articles about this lovely small seaside town situated on the Atlantic western coast of Morocco.I will as well try as best as I can to find pictures that illustrate this beauty that is attached to this town.



Moulay Elhassan SquareEssaouira,  magic. Tall white houses, yellow details and blue doors. you could walk the narrow streets over and over again, before you always end down at the ramparts that protect most of the town. Essaouira is quiet and friendly. But without much facilities,

Essaouira is still fantastic. Perhaps even better? But it is not as quiet anymore as it used to be a few years ago. Tourists are more and more moving in, and souvenir stalls pop up, together with many good restaurants.

Facilities are getting better, and it appears that some of the money is put into making Esaouira more beautiful.

Essaouira is a place with a strong feeling of its past. It has been a trading post for almost 3000 years, starting with the Phoenicians. But the town as it now appears is far younger, about 200 years. The architect who designed the ramparts was French, a clear suggestion of constant international feeling of Essaouira.

Essaouira has a nice little collection of sights. None impressive, but all of great aesthetical value. The walled white town, the ramparts, the harbour and the streets of craftsmen working behind open doors.

Today there are even some artists that have come to Essaouira too, giving the town even one more dimension. Essaouira deserves its visitor's attention, and it is one of the best places to hang around.




Essaouira, Mogador. As charming and Friendly as ever. Gorgeous, welcoming, proud and tolerant. But, most of all, resistant to oblivion and to the hardships of time.A beach simply with no match, where how many men and women, from different races, and confessions once spent the best moments of their life doing things that probably would not occur to anyone today to do. A town loaded with memories and life.






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