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The Nonprofit Gazette

Edition 10
Winter 2001

An interview with Chris Johnson, pet-lover and entrepreneur

Question: Can you tell us how you first became interested in animal activism?
CJ: When my company started to do really well, I decided I'd like to give something back to the community. I'd always had a passion for animals and had been involved in animal rights movements in college, so it was my first thought to return to animal right issues once I'd "made it," so to speak.

1 )    Essa´d Moudoujy :   President of the association
2 )    Azzeddine Boussane :   first vice president
3 )    Abdelaziz Dnadni :        second vice president
4 )    Hassane Elkouchi :        Third vice president
5 )    Mohammed Mabrouk :   Treasurer
                   COUCELLORS :
6 )    Elarbi Tanani :               
7 )    Abderrahim Essekkat :            "
8 )    Mohamed 
9 )    Mohamed Eddoughmi
10 )  Hassan Nassif
11 )  Leila Chouatta
12 )  Rouita
13 )  Fatima Zohra Toubbali
14 )  Youssoufi
15 )  Elarbi Kournit
16 )  
17 )

Interview with Chris Johnson, pet-lover and entrepreneur

"Animal Rights Activism in the 21st Century," an editorial by Marg Williams

"On the Structure of the Modern Nonprofit Agency," an essay by Mark Smith

Organization News

Our organization welcomes Palmer Berry to the staff.

A new session of the animal awareness training class begins April 22nd.